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My mission is to help you train your mind to thrive in sport and life.

Hi, I'm Scott.

I believe each of us has the potential to consistently find the state of mind when we feel and perform our best. But too often we get in our own way. I want to change that.


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What People Are Saying

"Scott is like a breath of fresh air! Our sessions with him have been thought-provoking, engaging, and fun. The mental performance tools Scott has taught our athletes are easy for them to comprehend and incorporate into their daily training routine. As a coach, I feel I have more resources to enhance the way I support my athletes and the quality of their training. I wish I could've had Scott as my mental performance coach back when I was an athlete!"

Nicole Garrido

Lead Speed Skating Coach, Olympic Oval

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I train athletes and performers around Metro Vancouver, BC and online across Canada.



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