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The Research

The following evidence is used to guide your mental training.


Assessing Mental Imagery in Clinical Psychology: A Review of Imagery Measures and a Guiding Framework

Imagining Success: Multiple Achievement Goals and the Effectiveness of Imagery


Goal-setting in Sport and Exercise: Research and Practical Applications

Implementation Intentions and Goal Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of Effects and Processes


Pre-performance Routines in Sport: Current Understandings and Future Directions


The Physiological Effects of Slow Breathing in the Healthy Human

Examining the Effectiveness of Psychological Strategies on Physiological Markers: Evidence-Based Suggestions for Holistic Care of the Athlete


Effects of Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) on Sport-Specific Dispositional Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, and Self-Rated Athletic Performance in a Multiple-Sport Population: an RCT Study

Mindfulness Promotes the Ability to Deliver Performance in Highly Demanding Situations

How Different Types of Meditation Can Enhance Athletic Performance Depending on the Specific Sport Skills

Mindfulness and Acceptance Approaches to Sporting Performance Enhancement: A Systematic Review


Self-talk and Sports Performance: A Meta-Analysis

Self-talk: Review and Sport-Specific Model

Speaking Clearly: A Critical Review of the Self-talk Literature

Self-talk as a Regulatory Mechanism: How You Do It Matters

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