Team Mindset Training

Support your athletes with the mental skills they need to thrive under high demands.

What you can expect


Online or in-person workshops devoted to improving mental skills.


An interactive and engaging setting for your athletes to learn.


60-minute workshops with Q&A.

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I want to help you build your high performance culture

Help your athletes improve their mindset.



The driver behind the wheel and the perfect antidote to burnout. Motivation is the underlying attitude that gives rise to action and is fundamental to high performance.



The core of unshakeable belief. Confidence is the degree to which you believe in yourself and your abilities, and it comes directly from how you speak to yourself.



Live in the present moment more often. Focus is the ability to direct and redirect attention to what's important, and is the prerequisite to flow state.



Bring the mind and body in sync. Composure is the feeling of being calm and in control. It's primarily improved by training breathing, but also through the use of grounding techniques.



Tap into your best thoughts and feelings when you need them most. Optimism is the belief that outcomes will be favourable in the future, and it's at the center of mental toughness.

The approach

Mental training is based on current research and applied practices in the field of performance psychology.

Workshops are grounded in cognitive and behavioural science from a humanistic perspective.


With this approach, the intent is to maximize performance and wellbeing through the awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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